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News : "Supreme Court Takes Swift Action on Shocking Video of Violence in Manipur; Seeks Accountability and Justice"

Supreme Court Takes Action on Disturbing Video Showing Violence in Manipur

  • In a big news development, the Supreme Court has taken action on a shocking video that recently came to light.
  • The video showed two women facing sexual violence and public humiliation in Manipur, a region experiencing ongoing ethnic tensions.
  • The highest court has taken suo motu cognizance, which means they have acted on their own initiative without any formal complaint.
  • The court has asked the State Government of Manipur to provide information about the steps they have taken to catch and punish the culprits responsible for these terrible acts.
  • Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud expressed deep distress upon seeing the disturbing visuals in the video.
  • He stressed the importance of keeping the court informed about the government’s actions to ensure that the perpetrators are held accountable and to prevent similar incidents from happening again.
  • He also emphasized that the scenes in the video violated the constitutional rights of the victims.
  • Chief Justice Chandrachud strongly condemned the use of women as instruments to spread violence, especially in an already tense situation.
  • He declared such actions completely unacceptable.
  • The Supreme Court’s intervention on its own in this matter shows its dedication to ensuring justice, protecting the rights of victims, and making sure that those responsible for such awful acts face the appropriate legal consequences.

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