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Madras High Court: Wife Has Right to Know Husband’s Salary for Maintenance Claim.

  • In a recent development, the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court has made a crucial decision in a case involving V.A. Anand and his estranged wife, A.V. Suganya.
  • The court dismissed a writ petition filed by Anand, challenging an order from the State Information Commissioner issued on October 20, 2020.
  • The Commissioner’s order directed Alagappa University to provide specific basic service details about Anand to Suganya, who is seeking maintenance.
  • Justice G.R. Swaminathan, presiding over the case, emphasized that Suganya, as the wife of the petitioner, is not considered a third party in matrimonial proceedings.
  • Highlighting the importance of Suganya having access to information about Anand’s salary for determining maintenance claims, the court stated, “The quantum of maintenance payable to the fourth respondent will depend upon the salary received by the petitioner. The wife can’t make her rightful claim unless she knows how much salary the husband is getting.”

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  • The court referred to a precedent set by the High Court of Madhya Pradesh, supporting a wife’s right to know her husband’s remuneration.
  • Justice Swaminathan upheld the need for transparency in matrimonial proceedings and dismissed the writ petition, reinforcing the State Information Commissioner’s order.
  • The ruling underscores the significance of providing necessary details in the interest of fairness in such cases.
  • Legal Matter: V.A. Anand versus The State Information Commissioner,
  • Case No.: W.P. (MD)No.15513 of 2020 AND W.M.P.(MD)Nos. 13022 & 13023 of 2020
  • Madras High Court Bench: Justice G.R. Swaminathan
  • Order dated: 04.01.2024