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News : Kerala High Court Rules Out Granting Bail in Attempted Murder Case Based Solely on Parties' Settlement.

  • The Kerala High Court made a decision that says a person who is charged with an attempt to murder cannot get bail just because they reached an agreement with the victim outside of court.
  • The judge said that even if the victim says they don’t want to continue with the case, the accused person can still be found guilty if there are other witnesses who support the prosecution.
  • In this case, the person who applied for bail was accused of attacking someone with the intent to kill them. The person’s lawyer said that the matter was settled between the two parties and that the victim didn’t want to press charges anymore. But the judge said that crimes like attempted murder affect not just the victim but also society as a whole, so settling the matter outside of court is not enough reason to drop the charges.
  • The court said that a person can only get bail if they have good reasons for it, like if they are not a danger to society and if they have a good track record.
  • In this case, the court decided not to give bail to the accused person because the injuries inflicted on the victim were very serious.
  • This decision shows that bail cannot be given just because the parties settled outside of court, especially in serious cases like attempted murder.

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