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News : Supreme Court Grants Centre and States Final Chance to Install CCTVs in Police Stations Within 3 Months, says it is not Adversarial Litigation.

  • The Supreme Court has given the Centre and States one last chance to install CCTVs in police stations within 3 months.
  • The court is unhappy that only two Union Territories and two states (Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar and Union Territory of Ladakh as well as the States of Mizoram and Goa) have followed the court’s order to allocate funds and install cameras.
  • The court has warned that if affidavits are not filed by the set deadline, serious action will be taken.
  • The court has also directed the Chief Secretary/Administrator of all State/Union Territory who fails to comply to show up in court and explain why they should not be punished for contempt.
  • If fails to comply till 18.07.2023, the Chief Secretary/Administrator to remain personally present in the Court on the next date of hearing (18.07.2023), to show cause as to why an action for committing contempt should not be taken against them.
  • The court has expressed disappointment that the Union of India has not taken sincere steps to comply with the court’s order for four out of seven investigating agencies.
  • The Union of India has been given the deadline to file an affidavit of compliance.

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