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News : कर्मचारी चे हातून गुन्हा घडला. कोर्ट मध्ये दोषारोप दाखल झाले. आणि त्याच वेळेस कार्यालयात विभागीय चौकशी सुरू झाली. तेव्हा कर्मचारी कोर्ट मधून गुन्ह्यातून निर्दोष सुटला तरी तो विभागीय चौकशी मध्ये निर्दोष सुटला आहे असे होत नाही... कलकत्ता उच्च न्यायालय.

Calcutta High Court: Being Found Not Guilty in a Criminal Case Doesn’t Always Mean Employee is Exonerated in Disciplinary Proceedings and Gets Back Wages.

The Calcutta High Court recently made a decision that said just because a person is found not guilty in a criminal court, it doesn’t mean they are automatically innocent in a disciplinary proceeding at work. The case was about a person who worked for Life Insurance Corporation Limited (LIC) and was accused of making fake documents to get visas for himself and his family. He was suspended from work and punished, but then found not guilty in a criminal court. He asked to get his back pay and punishment released, but the High Court said that just because he was found not guilty in criminal court, it didn’t mean he was automatically innocent in his job. The High Court said that the rules for the criminal court and work were different, so he couldn’t get his back pay and punishment released.



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