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The Madhya Pradesh High Court said that many people in India, especially in Madhya Pradesh, cannot read or write. This makes it hard to follow the rules in the POCSO Act.

  • The court in Madhya Pradesh talked about the problem of many people not knowing how to read and write. This makes it difficult to follow the rules of the POCSO Act, which is a law to protect children from sexual abuse.
  • The court said that if the government hasn’t done enough to help people learn to read and write, it’s not fair to punish them for not following the law.
  • The court found that more than half of the women in rural Madhya Pradesh can’t read, and many of the cases under the POCSO Act come from people who are poor and don’t know how to read or write.
  • The court said the government should make sure people know about the POCSO Act through newspapers, TV, and radio.
  • The government should also teach teachers in government schools about the law so they can tell students about it.
  • The court ordered the government to publish information about the POCSO Act in newspapers, on TV, and on the radio for three months.
  • The government must also teach teachers about the law.
  • The court warned that the government could be punished if it doesn’t follow these orders.

Case Title: Veekesh Kalawat v. The State of Madhya Pradesh


Case No: MISC. CRIMINAL CASE No. 4521 of 2023


Bench: Justice Atul Sreedharan


Order Date: 28/02/2023 

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